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Dog Sitting

Your pups home away from home, located on Wimberley Moonlight Farms, nestled in the Texas Hill Country.

Are there ever any unexpected fees?

At wimberley dog sitting we don’t have any hidden fees we have what we like to call common sense tax. If your dog comes with fleas and we have to treat it, you will be billed. If your dog comes with inadequate medications or food and we have to pick them up, you will be billed.

Other instances where you may receive a fee are when you do not communicate certain needs about your dog, they absolutely will not sleep at night and someone has to stay up with them, or if your dog turns out to be aggressive and has to have individual attention 100% of the time. These unexpected potential fees or “common sense tax” allow us to provide your dogs and the others in our facility with the absolute best care possible.

If on the off chance your dog requires veterinary attention during their stay you will be billed for this as well directly from the vet according to your intake form. We do know basic animal first aid and keep basic supplies on the property but dogs being dogs sometimes things can happen.

To learn more about Wimberley Dog Sitting check out our website at wimberleydogsitting.com or

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